Henna Care Info

Henna Care Instructions:

Henna paste, even after it dries, continues to stain your skin. It is ideal if you can leave the paste on the skin overnight and remove it in the morning. Keeping your henna warm will also increase the staining power.
Remove the paste by scraping any remaining dry paste off with a spoon or credit card. After the paste is removed, your fresh stain is light-sensitive and water-phobic. During the first 24-48 hours your henna will develop from the initial orange to a reddish brown stain. Ample exposure to sunlight in this time will help Henna achieves its darkest possible stain. Different textures and areas of skin stain differently as the skin itself is different. Thinner areas will not get as dark as thicker areas. It is also important to protect it from water as much as possible during the first 24 hours after the
paste is removed. You should protect it with oil when you shower. 48 hours after removal, your stain will be at it's peak color.
Your stain goes away when the surface layers of skin holding the stain exfoliate off (1-3 weeks). All you have to do to maximize the life of your stain is PAMPER YOUR SKIN! Moisturize and avoid exfoliating tasks or products. If you hand wash dishes, use gloves!

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