Therapeutic Massage

An form of holistic health care. We offer a variety of therapeutic services to help ease stress, relieve tension and invigorate your spirit.


Massage is offered by appointment only with our professionally licensened Massage Therapist:

Call Jean Hurrle 815-348-9822

Therapeutic Massage or Swedish Massage:

A Therapeutic massage starts at  one hour, or one hour 30 minutes.  A therapeutic massage generally  includes the full body but each massage addresses the clients individual therapeutic needs. This is a professional establishment and all massages are done in a professional manner.  It is recommended, if you have never had a massage to start with a one hour massage.

An Alternative form of Health Care.

Therapeutic Massage Price List

60 minutes

90 minues  

First Time Clients



Weekly Massage



Every other Week



Every 3 Weeks



Once A Month



As Needed






Weekly, Twice times a month and Once a Month Prices are for clients who set up appointments in advance.  Discounted appointments must be made at the last appointment in order for the client to recieve the discount. If a client misses a massage appointment they will then be given the price for the next up time increment, for their next appointment.


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